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The aim of the Association ScienceCenter-Network is to use the potential of science center activities in Austria as effectively as possible. Therefore we coordinate the network, perform public relations and act as an information hub. In addition, we initiate projects and conduct research in order to raise the quantity and quality of the science center activities in Austria. We understand ourselves as a learning and research organisation.

The common aim of the nationwide ScienceCenter-Network is captured in our Mission Statement:

Mission statement

ScienceCenter-Network is an association of Austrian organizations and persons furthering the understanding of science and technology by means of interactive science centre activities.

By science center activities we understand interactive offers for self determined learning about science and technology. These activities should invite to play, experiment and to think ahead irrespective of previous knowledge. We thus further a new educational concept based on individual, self-directed learning processes.

We realize manifold science centre activities throughout Austria. The trade mark "ScienceCenter-Network-Activity" stands for high quality offers of network partners. Together we develop fascinating new projects, reflecting the diversity of our approaches.

We support a future-oriented approach towards science and technology as an important element of both our society and economy. With reference to everyday experiences we want to overcome reserves, spark curiosity in scientific contexts and the delight in innovation. We wish to inspire the dialogue on these matters and want to encourage accordingly young people in their choice of career.

With our Network we create a new cooperative structure. All partners introduce their respective strengths thus at the same time receiving incentives for their own activities. Differences are used for co-operations and transformed into synergies through openness and mutual trust.