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About us

The Austrian ScienceCenter-Network focuses on hands-on engagement with sciences and technology. More than 160 partners nationwide form an alliance of organizations and individuals with an active interest in science center activities. The Association ScienceCenter-Network serves as the hub for the network, enabling exchange and trainings as well as performing projects and research.


The common focus within the network is on interactive science-center activities (hands-on, minds-on) of various formats (e.g. exhibits, mobile experiments, workshops, dialogue games). They provide firsthand experience and encourage curiosity, joyful experimentation and critical thinking. Our common ambition is to fascinate, to motivate thinking ahead and to enable a casual, light-hearted access to sciences, humanities and technology for all ages.

The non-profit Association ScienceCenter-Network was founded in 2005. Our aim is to make science center activities more popular, to spread, encourage, investigate and improve them. We initiated the network in 2006, caring for its development and providing continuous input. We provide expertise and finances for the maintenance of the network´s operations, manage joint projects and are active in the international science centre community.

Currently more than 160 partners are joined in the network. They each work independently, but contribute actively to the community by developing, offering or using interactive science center activities troughout Austria. We work together to exchange experiences, discuss strategies and ideas, develop cooperative projects and ways to become more visible in the public.

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